公式フォーラムの9.3 Update [Official Blog] Now in Betaから(以下、原文)




No longer will you be forced to choose between the needs of your faction and your strongest defense!


In our latest update you’ll be be able to choose which of your recruits represents you as a player, lends your faction the most support, and which recruit will be best at protecting your rep!


Player Avatar

Assign any recruit in your roster as your avatar. This will now be the picture others in see in places like leaderboards, chat and your profile. Just head to your Player Profile and tap the edit button on the avatar to switch your avatar.


Faction Supporter

Any character from your roster can be assigned as your Faction Supporter for other faction members to use. It’s no longer tied to your defense lead!

To change your Supporter, go the the Player Profile Faction tab and tap the edit button on both the Supporter & Weapon.


Keep in mind:

When you update, your default Avatar and Faction Supporter will be your defense lead.


Patch Notes:

Gameplay improvements

Made wave transitions in auto-combat speed up proportionate to increased combat speed


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where debug placeholder displays on the Critical Success tooltip of a crafting armory after losing the Critical Success territory buff
  • Fixed an issue where some battle items could be used that would have no effect when used
  • Fixed an issue where the critical success territory buff showed the wrong icon next to the progress bar of a weapon crafting in the armory in Town
  • Fixed some issues with the Quick Recovery I territory buff timer speedup
  • Fixed an issue where on the Galaxy S7/S8 a black bar could display at the top of the screen while entering chat text
  • Fixed the issue where the Town Map could not be fully zoomed out
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong tier of the top 3 users’ fighters could show on the results screen of an event
  • Fixed an issue where the user wouldn’t be brought back to the same part of the World Map after switching to another feature and back to the World Map
  • Improved an issue where some progress bars’ fill at low values wouldn’t be an accurate representation of the actual fill amount


Bug Fixes (Combat)

  • Fixed an issue where a confused medium boss in Faction Assault could still use its Adrenaline Rush
  • Fixed an issue where an attack blocked by a Guardian Shield could still trigger on-defend weapon effects
  • Fixed a bug where in some situations, certain effects were able to bypass the regular critical chance formula and exceed 100% possibility
  • Fixed an issue where weapon effects that cause AP down to the enemy wouldn’t work correctly against impaired enemies
  • Fixed an issue with auto-combat Command usage in walker stages
  • Fixed an issue where commanded characters could face the wrong direction during their AR animation against walkers

2018/05/17 (木) 19:46

2018/05/13 (日) 16:08

2018/05/13 (日) 16:05

2018/05/13 (日) 15:55

2018/05/11 (金) 19:54

2018/05/11 (金) 19:51

2018/05/11 (金) 19:49

2018/05/11 (金) 19:45

2018/05/11 (金) 19:40

2018/05/10 (木) 21:13

2018/05/10 (木) 20:01

2018/05/09 (水) 08:16

2018/05/09 (水) 08:11

2018/05/09 (水) 08:10

2018/05/07 (月) 21:39

2018/05/07 (月) 02:09

2018/05/07 (月) 02:08

2018/05/07 (月) 02:07

2018/05/07 (月) 00:59


2018/05/11 (金) 19:45

2018/05/07 (月) 02:07

2018/05/07 (月) 00:58

2018/05/03 (木) 20:47

2018/04/29 (日) 22:06

2018/04/28 (土) 15:12

2018/04/20 (金) 20:44

2018/04/12 (木) 05:17

2018/04/06 (金) 21:18

2018/04/06 (金) 21:01

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